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About Artistic Director

Ms. Swapna Karli is a Bharatantyam dancer, Carnatic singer, Yoga Instructor and Artistic Director of Upastapana, She began her training at the younger age and spent her formative years learning Kalakshetra Bani of Bharatantyam and Carnatic and Hindustani shastriya sangeetham, Yoga and Musical instruments under Various Gurus, Smt. Anuradha Upadhye, Smt.Pratushya, Smt. Ramadevi, Smt, Achyutambha. and continues to pursue her training from the gurus. completed Arangetrem, exams and have done various stage performances. 

She continues to train and teach students of all ages. The goal to her organization is to impart the traditional way of the Guru-Shishya parampara teachings where the students learn the traditional theory and practice the art forms along with the life values of self respect, discipline and traditions and most importantly, carry the passion for arts throughout their lifetime.

About Me: About Me
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